Atheists and Humanists Believe in MIRACLES!
by Louis A. Turk, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D.

A miracle is an unusual event that goes against the commonly observed laws of nature. The Bible reveals to us that miracles accompanied the prophets whom God used to deliver His Word to humankind. Because of these miracles people knew that these prophets truly were men of God, and that the words they spoke (and wrote) were God's words.

The Significance of Miracles

Humanists, socialists, communists, and other atheists try constantly to discredit the very concept of miracles. Why? Because if there have never been any miracles, then the Bible is just a big lie. And if the Bible is just a big lie, then we had best discard it and look elsewhere for a philosophy to live by. Probably, in such a case, there is no God either, nor would there be a Heaven or Hell, or even absolute rights and wrongs. However, if the miracles that accompanied the writing of the Bible really happened, then the Bible is true, there is a Creator God, and we all had better believe what He says, and obey His commandments. The purpose of this pamphlet, however, is not to discuss whither or not miracles have ever happened, for everybody believes in miracles, even the people who say they don't believe in them. Even humanists/atheists believe in miracles! Yes they do!

Even Atheists Believe In Miracles! Humanists, socialists, communists, and other atheists base their lives on some of the most incredible miracles ever imagined. Consider for instance

The Miracle of The Big Bang

The Big Bang Theory is the atheist/humanist doctrine of how the universe began. This theory teaches that in the beginning the matter of the whole universe was compressed into a tiny ball smaller then a pinpoint. (Where all this matter came from is seldom discussed.) Then (without cause) there was a tremendous explosion which, instead of disintegrating things into particles, assembled particles into things, and instead of destroying life created it! Explosions as observed today never do this; all observed explosions kill and destroy, producing chaos---never do they give life or produce order. Such an event certainly goes against all the presently observed laws of nature, and therefore, if it ever really happened, certainly was a miracle.

The Miracle of Abiogenesis

An especially importance atheist/humanist doctrine is abiogenesis. Abiogenesis is the idea that life sprang spontaneously from dead matter, perhaps at the time the big bang occurred. (The only alternative to abiogenesis is the Bible teaching of biogenesis---that life can only come from life.) Abiogenesis is essential to any philosophy based on atheism. Yet the idea of abiogenesis goes totally against the observable facts of nature. Every living organism ever observed coming into existence has come out of another living being. No one has ever even once seen life spring from non-living matter. In fact, it was Louis Pasteur's vigorous exposure of the fraud of abiogenesis that made him the father of modern medicine. In Pasteur's day, abiogenesis was called "spontaneous generation," but Pasteur so thoroughly disproved spontaneous generation that humanists are now forced to refer to the idea as "abiogenesis" to avoid stigma.

Pasteur vigorously opposed all pseudo scientists who insisted on publicly teaching abiogenesis. In a letter to Dr. Bastion in July 1877, Pastor wrote: The fraud of abiogenesis had kept scientists from discovering the cure for communicable disease for hundreds of years. Modern medicine is based on biogenesis. If abiogenesis ever occurred it was certainly a fantastic miracle. Yet this fraudulent miracle is accepted by atheists/humanists in blind faith.
The Miracle of Evolution

Evolution is another miracle essential to atheist/humanist dogma. Evolution is the idea that one kind of being can give birth to a different kind of being. Change within a species, of course, happens all the time (there are, for example, a great variety of cats); but never does a cat give birth to a new kind of animal---which is what humanists/atheists are implying when they use the word evolution. Evolution, of course, has never been observed. All observed births demonstrate just the opposite: each living being gives birth only to a baby of its own kind, just like the Bible stresses in Genesis chapter one. Nor is there any evidence in the fossil record that evolution ever has happened. The "missing links" Darwin hoped would be discovered in the fossils have never been found. So, in spite of constant atheist/humanist hype to the contrary, evolution is not science, but mere superstition. It is blind faith in a phony miracle which no one has ever witnessed.

The Miracle of Decreasing Entropy
  The second law of thermodynamics can be (and has been) tested in every field of science (including biology), and found reliable without exception. Evolution, therefore, would be a miracle, as evolution goes against all observed events in nature.

The Miracle of Design Without a Designer

For an automobile to be built, there must be a designer of high intelligence to design it, and begin a process requiring great energy to convert simple basic elements into complicated parts which can be finally assembled into an automobile. Never in the history of the universe has an automobile---or any complicated creation---been observed to come into existence by random chance without a designer. Just the opposite is the case: daily we see designers create things. Always it takes a designer. Yet atheists/humanists say that the universe with its myriad solar systems, and the human body with its exceedingly complicated brain, and all the plant and animal life on earth, all came into being by random chance without a designer! How fabulous these atheist/humanist miracles!
Philosophy Is Not Science

Humanist philosophers present all of their doctrines as science. But the scientific method demands observation. And the beginning of the universe and the beginning of the first living beings cannot be observed. Only God saw these things happen, and we either believe His testimony concerning these things or else we deem Him a liar. Teachings concerning these things are not scientific but religious. Louis Pasteur---that king of scientists---correctly observed that philosophy is not science and could not prove the origin of the universe and life even if it was. Wrote Pasteur:

In Which Miracle Worker Will We Believe?

Since everybody believes in miracles, the important question is not "Should we believe in miracles?" Rather, the important question is, "In whose miracles should we believe?" Or more specifically, in which miracle worker should we believe? Our choice is this: either we will believe in God, or we will believe in Satan. If there is a God, He certainly can produce miracles. That is entirely believable. But if there be no God, then what mysterious force produces miracles? If God is not the force of creation, then evolution is. And if evolution is the force of creation, then evolution is god. Therefore, belief in evolution is idolatry---worship of a pagan god. And a pagan god by whatever name is really just Satan in disguise. Atheism/humanism is thus a form of the occult. It is pure superstition. Many atheists/humanists deny believing in Satan, but even such renowned atheists/humanists as Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and the recipient of the Humanist of the Year award in 19575), Madalyn Murray O'Hair (the atheist responsible for the Supreme court decision removing prayer from schools), and Aldous Huxley (atheist/humanist author and brother to the famous Sir Julian Huxley of the American Humanist Association) dabbled in the occult.6 If a person is gullible enough to believe in abiogenesis and evolution, he is gullible enough to believe virtually anything Satan decides to feed him. Faith in evolution is actually faith in Satan, whither the atheist/humanist realizes it or not. A man who will not worship the true miracle worker (God) is by his own choice worshipping the phony miracle worker (Satan).

Some Important True Miracles

Before rejecting the miracles recorded in the Bible, a person should at least give them some serious study. Consider for instance

The Miracle of the Virgin Birth of Christ.

Humanists/atheists laugh and scoff at people who believe the miracle of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, yet humanists/atheists themselves believe in the miracle of some ape-like creature giving birth to the first human---and without God even helping! Considering the preposterousness of such an idea, it is the Christians that should be doing the laughing and scoffing. So consider seriously the importance of the virgin birth.

From the above verses, we see that the importance of the virgin birth is that God so loved us that He entered into a human body, so that as a human He could live a perfect life as our substitute, and then die to take the punishment for our sins, so that we could be saved from the damnation of eternal Hell. This is not so hard to believe; if there is a God, nothing is too hard for Him to do.

The Miracle of the Resurrection

"Why should it be thought a thing incredible with you, that God should raise the dead?" (Acts 26.8). Contrary to what humanists/atheists teach, death is not normal. Humans as originally created by God did not die. But Adam eating the forbidden fruit brought death upon us all.

It is because of the miracle of the resurrection that we know that Jesus is God our Savior.

The Miracle of the New Birth

You can know that God is real today by experiencing the miracle of the new birth.

Yes! you can begin a new life today---a life of peace and joy, a life with real purpose and meaning, a life in fellowship with the God of miracles.   To learn how read "Ye Must Be Born Again."


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Louis A. Turk, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D.


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