Divine Creation and the Flood In the News

by Louis A. Turk

This is a log of articles containing facts related to the Six-Day Creation and Noah's Flood which I have read in on-line newspapers and magazines. These publications are not Christian, and are evolutionist in their philosophy. In this log I will simply point out the facts that evolutionists either don't understand or else purposely ignore. My comments will be in brackets.

Tissue Find Offers New Look Into Dinosaurs' Lives; By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD; Published: March 24, 2005

Alive as dinosaurs may seem to children, knowledge of them as living creatures is limited almost entirely to what can be learned from bones that have long since turned to stony fossils. Their soft tissues, when rarely recovered, have lost their original revealing form.

A 70-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex recently discovered in Montana, scientists reported today, has apparently yielded the improbable: soft tissues, including blood vessels and possibly cells, that "retain some of their original flexibility, elasticity and resilience."

In a paper being published on Friday in the journal Science, the discovery team said that the remarkable preservation of the tissue might open up "avenues for studying dinosaur physiology and perhaps some aspects of their biochemistry." (source...)

[Oh, so this tissue and blood vessels survived 70 million years without decaying into dust! Do you believe that? If so you probably also believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Clause. Folks, it is obvious that the dinosaurs died in world-wide flood during the days of Noah, only a few thousand years ago.]

A Martian first: Rover drills into rock: Spirit grinds off the surface of Adirondack for analysis

Spirit has spent more than a month on Mars as part of an $820 million mission that includes its twin, Opportunity. The objective of the mission is to determine whether liquid water persisted on ancient Mars long enough to support the development of life. (source...)

[Do you remember all the stories the evolutionists used to give us about living creatures---human-like, yet smarter than humans---living on Mars? Now all we see from the color pictures being sent back by Rover and Opportunity is dust and rocks! Are you surprised? I'm not. Yet the evolutionists still won't admit defeat. Surprised? I'm not. They do not believe in God and creation because they don't want to believe. Evolution is not based on fact, but on atheism---faith in a lie. $820 million to try to prove a lie. What a waste!]

Texas City Looks to Preserve Mammoth Site, Jan 3, 2:23 PM (ET), By ANGELA K. BROWN

WACO, Texas (AP) - Curling, fossilized tusks protrude from a stretch of cracked central Texas dirt, an archaeological treasure that has local leaders pondering the value of ancient bones. The city of Waco and Baylor University want to preserve the resting ground of a herd of prehistoric mammoths believed to have died in a mudslide some 28,000 years ago.


The remains indicated that the mammoths were malnourished when they died. Researchers believe the herd was heading toward a watering hole or trying to find food when a flash flood hit, trapping them in a ravine. One calf was in the tusks of a bull, which likely was trying to save the baby when the herd died, Lintz said.

"Everything collapsed on them. Very few of them are on their side," Lintz said. "But it's still a mystery. We're still trying to determine what happened." (source...)

[They died standing up! In a flash flood! Does this not remind you of Noah's flood? Yet what happened to these mammoths is a mystery to evolutionists who haven't read the Bible, and so are trying to figure out what happened. And how do they know these mammoths lived 28,000 years ago? Were they there? No. They don't know. They are merely making guesses based on their faith in atheism.]

Louis A. Turk, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D.


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