Missionary Questionnaire

[This is a sample questionaire for missionaries. Feel free to adapt it for your own church's needs.]

Our church desires to spread the gospel to the world. We desire to use our mission offerings to accomplish this in a Scriptural way. We want to support men whose doctrinal position is in line with ours. We want to help establish churches of like faith and practice. To insure that, we are asking each prospective missionary to fill out this questionnaire. If we decide to support you, we would also like a picture of your family for our missionary display. Feel free to use a blank sheet of paper for any expanded answers and please number them.


Church Name:_____________________________________________

Church Address:__________________________________________


Church Phone:__________________Email:____________________


  1. Do you know for sure you are saved? ______

  2. When were you saved? ______ your wife?______

  3. Do you follow a daily family Bible reading and prayer program? ______

  4. Were you baptized in a scriptural Baptist church that did not accept alien immersion? _______

  5. Name of the church which baptized you: ___________________________

  6. Location of the church which baptized you:___________________________

  7. Was your wife baptized in the same kind of church? ______

  8. Are you sure God has called you to preach? ______

  9. What is your present home status: Single? ______ You and wife at home? ______ How many children at home? _____

  10. Have you or your wife ever been married before?______ If yes, explain__________________________

  11. Are your wife and children in subjection to you? _______________________

  12. Do you, your wife, or your children go mixed swimming? _______

  13. Does anyone in your family wear shorts in public?_____Do females wear slacks? _______Or dresses that are low cut or above knee? ______

  14. Do you or your family attend movies? ______

  15. Does anyone in your family use tobacco? ______

  16. Does anyone in your family drink alcoholic beverages?_________

  17. Are you regular and faithful in visitation and witnessing to the lost? ______

  18. Where did you receive your Bible training? __________________________________________ How long?______ Did you graduate?________


  1. Has your sending church voted to send you as a missionary under their authority? ______

  2. Have you ever applied to a mission board or mission committee? ______ If yes, explain _______________________________________________________

  3. How long have you been a member of your sending church?________

  4. What positions of service have you been active in your home church?_______________________

  5. How much money does your sending church give to you each month?____________

  6. What is your average support monthly?________

  7. What is your monthly support goal?___________

  8. Did you tithe and give regular mission offerings before you surrendered to be a missionary?_____

  9. Do you plan to tithe on your personal support or the total amount given to you by churches? Personal_____________ Total______________

  10. Will your tithe go to your sending church or to the mission work on the field?__________________

  11. Do you plan to pastor the church you start?______

  12. Do you actively seek support from the churches affiliated with a convention, association, or fellowship?________

  13. Is your sending church listed in the directory of a convention, fellowship, or association?______ If yes, which?__________________

  14. Does your sending church support missionaries that are under any mission board?______

  15. Under what circumstances would you change your sending church?_______________

  16. Will your sending church discipline you if you fall into immorality or change your doctrinal position?______

  17. Will all of your financial support be handled by your sending church? _______

  18. Are you in agreement with your sponsoring church's doctrines and practices?_______

  19. Will you send regular prayer letters to us? ______

  20. Will you send financial reports to us monthly______ or when?____________


  1. Do you believe in the Divine Trinity?________

  2. Do you believe in the eternal pre-existence of Christ?_______

  3. Do you believe in the Virgin birth of the Christ?_____

  4. Do you believe in the substitutionary death of Christ?______

  5. Do you believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ?______

  6. Can a saved person lose his or her salvation?______

  7. Do you believe in the theory of evolution?______

  8. Do you believe in theistic evolution?______

  9. Do you believe that the church was started on the day of Pentecost?______

  10. What do you believe missions to be? _________________________________________

  11. Would you speak in or accept support from a non-Baptist church?______

  12. Do you believe the Holy Spirit baptizes the believer into a universal body?______

  13. Do you believe that the New Testament Church is: local______ universal_______ or both local and universal_______

  14. Do you believe that baptism today is by: water_______ Holy Spirit______ or both_______

  15. Do you believe that only local New Testament Baptist churches have scriptural authority to baptize?______

  16. Do you believe the drink for the Lord's Supper is: Fermented Wine______ Grape juice_______

  17. Do you believe that the Lord's Supper should be: Open Communion with all professing Christians?_______ Those in doctrinal agreement?______ Local church members only?______

  18. Do you believe that a divorced and remarried man is qualified for the ministry?______

  19. Do you believe the AV 1611 KJV is God's preserved word in the English language?______

  20. What is the name and date of the translation of the Bible you will be using on the mission field? _________________________________________________________________________

  21. Is that translation Textus Receptus based?____________

  22. Is the gift of tongues for today?______

  23. Do you believe that money from supporting churches should be used to build buildings for national churches on the mission field?______

  24. Do you believe money from supporting churches should be used to pay salaries of national pastors on the mission field?______

  25. Would you send your young preachers back to the States to be trained for the ministry?______

  26. Do you support, participate in, or approve of Promise Keepers?________

  27. Are you: Premillennium______ Postmillennium______ Amillennium______

  28. Do you believe the rapture occurs: Pretribulation_____ Midtribulation_____ Postribulation______

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Louis A. Turk, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D.


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