Let's Eat Fetus Meat

by Louis A. Turk, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D.
On April 15, 1992 body parts from fifty or more fetuses were found half-burnt in a field in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Indignation from the local population put much pressure on state senators and representatives to do something to stop such outrage. Oklahoma's liberal-Democrat-controlled legislature put on a great show of concern, passing a law to assure "proper disposal of fetuses." Attempts to pass a law prohibiting abortion were defeated. It was thus declared legal to kill fetuses, but illegal to let the public see the blood and gore.

There is something strangely illogical about this. If fetuses are not humans (as the liberal, pro-abortion crowd says), then what difference does it make how they are disposed? When we fillet fish, we discard the remains in the garbage, and think nothing of it. If fetuses are not humans than why be so upset about a few fetus arms, legs, heads, ears, eyeballs, etc., found in a trash sack or half-burnt in a field? In fact, if fetuses are not humans, why discard their remains? Why not cook them, and feed them to children in the public schools?  With 1,600,000 fetuses aborted every year in the U.S.A., this would greatly reduce the expense of our free lunch programs. We could possibly even can some fetuses for distribution to third-world countries; it seems shameful to throw away all that tender meat when so many people are going hungry around the world. Fetus meat could be barbecued, broiled, steamed or fried. Ground fetuses would make juicy burgers. For camping trips some fetuses could be dried into jerky. Fetus brains could be made into scrapple and fried for breakfast. And doesn't fetus-finger soup sound good? (No need to be alarmed here, for if fetuses are not humans then eating them would not make us cannibals.) To prevent being wasteful, fetus intestines and bones could be ground into fertilizer to be spread on farmers' fields so all of our food would be more nutritious. Hey, why not? if they are really not humans?

Isn't it obvious to everyone that the liberal, pro-abortion crowd are being hypocrites in this matter of fetus disposal? They couldn't care less about how fetuses are disposed. They just know that the horror of viewing the mutilated corpse of an aborted baby turns even the most hard-core pro-abortionists instantly into passionate pro-lifers. This is why the liberal-controlled TV news media never shows film of aborted fetuses. But why are the TV news media so zealously wanting American women to abort their babies in the first place? It is because the American TV news media is controlled by "humanists" who desire to kill our soldiers before they are born so that humanism can take over this country. This is also why they are working so fervently to promote legislation to take away our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. (The only reason Humanists in the USA have chosen the slow path of trying to obtain victory through legislation, instead of using the fast path of violent revolution, is because the American people have guns with which to resist armed aggression most effectively. Never give up your guns!)

Humanism is a religious/political system based on rejection of God and moral absolutes. Humanist Manifesto I and II of the American Humanist Association states:

Sir Julian Huxley, former head of UNESCO (United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization) and world-famous evolutionist and Humanist, wrote in The Humanist Frame:
  This humanist rejection of absolutes is stupid and illogical, for if there are no absolute truths, then it must not be absolutely true that there are no absolute truths; therefore there must be absolute truths. And if there is no absolute morality, then humanist morality itself must not be absolutely moral; therefore humanist morality must be immoral. Because atheism is so obviously illogical God calls atheists fools: "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God" (Ps 14.1). Now when God determines morals they are absolute: "For," says the one and only true and living God, "I am the Lord, I change not" (Malachi 3.6). But when man determines morals they are unstable as the wind. A dozen men off the street will very likely have a dozen conflicting opinions concerning any moral issue, and six months later these men's opinions may have changed. This then is the great danger of humanism: since its morality is determined by fallible, constantly changing human opinion it inevitably results in everyone doing that which is right in his own eyes---which results in chaos and anarchy. We saw anarchy recently in the TV-news-media-caused riots in Los Angeles, and we see it constantly in our public schools, in the skyrocketing crime rate, and even in our homes.

History shows that anarchy never lasts long. A people which reject God as their moral authority soon find themselves in such pain from the anarchy caused by that choice that they eventually exalt some human dictator to be their moral authority to save them from the terrible troubles and sufferings their rejecting God has brought upon them. At that point they become an enslaved people. It is chilling to note that even now as America suffers from increasingly serious economic and social problems there are no signs that Americans are turning back to God. Instead they are looking for a human political savior.

That humanists control most news media is irrefutable. September 16, 1989, in Kansas City, the news directors of America's television and radio stations awarded their prestigious Paul White Award to Ted Turner, founder of CNN (Cable News Network). (Ted Turner is the man now married to "Hanoi" Jane Fonda.) Reports Don Clark of KBAK-TV in Bakersfield, California:

American children fail in math and English because humanists have turned our schools into humanist brainwashing camps. Our children are being taught to desire freedom from God and from morality, rather than to desire freedom from dictators and from sin. (Jesus said in John 8.34: "If ye continue in my word [the Bible], then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." But He added in verse 34: "Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin." Sin enslaves!) John Dewey, the father of the so-called "progressive" or "reform" education that has progressively ruined our public schools now for decades, was one of the world's foremost Humanist policy makers, and was a signer of Humanist Manifesto I. Dewey also served on the board of directors of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). SIECUS (Sex Information and Education Council of the United States) and Planned Parenthood Federation of America are Humanist organizations dedicated to teaching our children fornication and homosexuality. Allen Guttmacker, former president of Planned Parenthood, was a signer of Humanist Manifesto II. Dr. Edgar R. Chasteen, a board member of Planned Parenthood Association of Greater Kansas City, authored The Case For Compulsory Birth Control, which advocates just what the title implies. Also, Humanists know that the only "safe sex" is within the bounds of marriage; but they promote promiscuous sex with condoms as safe, hoping AIDS will sap America's strength so they can take over without firing a shot. By undermining the American family, Humanists know they debilitate America.

Humanism has already massacred over 28 million unborn soldiers and unborn mothers since Roe versus Wade---manyfold more people than we lost in all of our other wars put together. Do you realize that 134 of the nations of this earth do not have a population amounting to 28 million people? If these 28 million aborted babies were put in tiny coffins one meter long, and those coffins put end to end with no space in between, over six rows of those coffins would extend the 4,497 kilometers (2,795 miles) from Los Angelas to New York City! But because we are never allowed to see the bodies, the enormous carnage humanist are dealing us fails to alarm us. Mark well that anyone who can cold-bloodedly butcher innocent, unborn babies alive will have no qualms whatsoever about murdering adults who stand in their way, if the "situation" makes murdering us a way to obtain, or retain, total humanist victory.

Humanism is more dangerous than Communism. In fact, Humanist Manifesto I and II, page 15, speaks of "Marxist" humanism; communism is humanism! Most Americans seem unaware that American Humanists assisted the Communists in Russia in every way they could. American Humanists have never ceased working tirelessly to replace capitalism with socialism. Roger Baldwin, Humanist founder of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) wrote the following in Thirty Years Later, a publication of the Harvard Class of 1905:

In another article by Roger Baldwin entitled "Freedom In the USA and the USSR" (Soviet Russia Today, Sept 1934), Baldwin rhetorically stated the question most frequently (and justifiably) asked of civil libertarians (humanists): How can you consistently fight to support free speech and free dissent in capitalist countries and at the same time defend a dictatorship that permits no dissent at all against its rule? He then proceeded to answer the question:
  In other words, the ACLU and other Humanist groups are for freedom of speech only so long as they can use it to destroy the freedom of speech of those who would use it to glorify and serve God. Is not freedom of religion already virtually prohibited in public schools? Christian morality may not be taught, but humanist "situational ethics" must be taught. Humanists oppose censorship when applied to pornography, but promote censorship with a vengeance when applied to the Bible---the Genesis account of Creation may not be taught, but the unscientific, unproven Religious Humanist viewpoint of Evolution must be taught. Humanists are for freedom of the press for themselves, but are against it for others. A recent example: at the 1992 Oklahoma Festival of the Arts, representatives from the Libertarian party, which is even more extreme humanist then the Democrat party, stood on the public sidewalk close to the north entrance soliciting signatures for a petition. My son and I stood fifteen or twenty feet away passing out pro-Bible/anti-evolution tracts. One of the Libertarians became enraged and threatened us if we did not get off what he called "my corner." He had a right to be there, he said, but we did not. That is the kind of "liberty" espoused by the Libertarian Party and other Humanist organizations. God help us to realize our danger! Our sins have so blinded us that we have failed to recognize a mortal enemy. We have almost reached the point of no return. No politician can save us---our only hope is to return NOW in repentance to the God we have rejected. Except America repent, she shall perish. "Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people" (Prov 14.34).

The main mark of humanists is that they think they are wiser and more knowledgeable than God; they despise and oppose God's word, the Bible. Says the Bible of such people:

"Liberals" are humanist in practice if not by profession. Therefore, it is a sin against God to vote for liberal politicians whatever their party. If you vote for liberal politicians you are preparing the rope with which you yourself will someday be hanged. If you vote for politicans who advocate "freedom of choice" to legally murder an innocent class of humans (the unborn), don't be surprised when such perverted freedom is enlarged just enough to include the legal murder of you. This pre-election season may very well be our last chance to preserve the liberties our fore-fathers purchased for us with their blood. Are you exercising your right to assemble in church regularly to worship and praise God? Have you exercised your freedom of religion by having been reconciled to God? God will forgive your most heinous sins, provided you repent of them, trusting Jesus Christ to wash them all away in His pure blood. Are you exercising your right to free speech by witnessing to your acquaintances about Jesus Christ? Have you registered to vote yet so that you will be able to vote humanists out of office and God-fearing men in? If not, do so now!

Since the above words were written, "documented testimonies out of U.S. Congressional hearings tell of Chinese government hospitals engaging in the sale of aborted babies for eating by humans, reporters are said to have traveled to Shenzhen, China and allegedly purchased such aborted babies sold specifically as 'health' food. The report states that doctors in China admit to eating pre-born babies and even offer favorite ways of preparing them."6

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Louis A. Turk, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D.


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