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This page is a log of quotes from articles in newspapers, magazines, etc., which prove the immorality and wickedness of rock music. No attempt is being made to list all the news about these wicked noise makers. I will only make entries as I happen to chance upon such news. My notes are enclosed in square brackets.

Report: Michael Jackson to Be Father of Quadruplets

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Pop star Michael Jackson (news), facing a trial on child molestation charges, is about to become a father to four more children -- quadruplets -- by way of a surrogate mother, Us Weekly magazine reported on Tuesday.

Citing unnamed sources close to the self-proclaimed "King of Pop," the magazine said Jackson recently spent time with the pregnant mother-to-be in Florida, where he stayed in a $4,000-a-night luxury hotel suite in Miami Beach.


Jackson, 45, already has three children -- Prince Michael I and daughter Paris Michael by his former wife, Debbie Rowe, and Prince Michael II, the child he notoriously dangled from the balcony of a Berlin hotel in November 2002.

Jackson later revealed in a television documentary that Prince Michael II had been born to a woman who was essentially a stranger to him. "I used a surrogate mother and my own sperm cells," he told British interviewer Martin Bashir. "She doesn't know me."

It was in that same interview that Jackson ignited a public furor by saying he saw nothing wrong with having other children spend the night with him in the bedroom of his Neverland ranch home in California.

One youth who appeared in that documentary is now at the center of the child molestation case pending against the performer.

Jackson is charged in a 10-count indictment with committing lewd acts on a boy under the age of 14, as well as child abduction, extortion and false imprisonment. He has pleaded innocent, and a trial is set for Sept. 13. (source...)

[Why would this man want children without their mother? Could it be so he can have more children to molest? Is this the kind of person you want to be, or that you want your children to be?]

The real deal: Linda Ronstadt's current tour --- 'a history lesson of music' --- reflects her dedication to authenticity, and quality; By George Varga; July 15, 2004

"My career has befuddled other people, and it's befuddled me," admitted Ronstadt, 58, who finds her fans are polarized by her nightly on-stage salute to "Fahrenheit 9/11" filmmaker Michael Moore.

"I've been dedicating a song to him --- I think he's a great patriot --- and it splits the audience down the middle, and they duke it out," she said.

"This is an election year, and I think we're in desperate trouble and it's time for people to speak up and not pipe down. It's a real conflict for me when I go to a concert and find out somebody in the audience is a Republican or fundamental Christian. It can cloud my enjoyment. I'd rather not know." (source...)

[This country is in trouble, and it is because of people like Ronstadt who hate God and fundamental Christians.]

Ex sez Britney bewitched, hitched & ditched me; By TRACY CONNOR, DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER

The country boy Britney Spears married and then jilted is spilling the beans on their romance - detailing how the pop tart seduced him, proposed to him in bed and then let her family and lawyers break them up. Jason Alexander, 22, claims that after their 55-hour Las Vegas marriage was annulled, Britney sent him packing and even changed her phone number so he couldn't call, Britain's News of the World reported today.

He's reportedly devastated that she's engaged to dancer Kevin Federline, 26, just seven months after their quickie wedding. (source...)

[Parents take note! Is this the kind of person you want your daughter to become? A fornicator and a mocker of marriage and of God?]

Britney Spears (a listing in Wikipedia)

Some parents of young daughters have ambivalent or even negative feelings towards Britney Spears. To many critics, the singer has combined a very "sexy" public image with a major marketing "play" for the hearts, minds and pockets of prepubescent girls, often as young as seven or eight. The sexualization of such girls is arguably a trend that is visible elsewhere in popular culture, for example in the film and fashion industries. (source...)

["The sexualization of such girls" as your daughter should alarm you, and move you to burn all rock music found in your house. That is, if you love your daughter.]

Bowie had heart attack; By DEREK BROWN

ROCK king David Bowie suffered a heart attack during a concert, it emerged last night.


"He actually suffered a heart attack backstage and had to be rushed to a specialist. The heart surgery wasn't routine. It was a lot more serious than anyone is letting on."


DAVID Bowie is finally paying the price for nearly 20 years of drug and booze-fuelled excess, doctors believe.

Throughout the '70s Bowie seemed to have the magic touch and as hit followed hit he was hailed as the saviour of pop music.


But Bowie wasn't just riding high in the charts.

Behind the scenes he was becoming increasingly dependent on heroin, cocaine and alcohol.

In a recent TV interview he admitted: "By the mid-70s I was so out of my gourd that it was nigh on impossible for me to function in any rational way."

Bowie told how addiction had left his memory "like a Swiss cheese," adding: "I have unbelievable holes in my memory."

He revealed how he cannot remember the words to his hits and in concert has lyrics perched on a music stand.

Bowie, who also smoked heavily, finally weaned himself off drugs and booze in the mid-80s.

In a recent documentary the London-born star said he was thankful he escaped from his drug years relatively unscathed.

He added: "It's a dangerous thing to say, but it's true in my case. I crawled out of it all and got away with it."

But doctors now believe his heart attack may be a direct result of the hammering his body took during those years.

Sun doctor Carol Cooper said: "Drugs cause heart muscle to deteriorate and can bring on coronary disease at a younger age.

"Sadly there is nothing David Bowie can do now to reverse the effects of the drugs he took."

Bowie has told how he first dabbled with drugs during the '60s as he struggled to make a name for himself as a musician.

But he started to become hooked on cocaine after he found stardom with the albums Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane.

His American wife Angie, who he had wed in 1970, also spiralled into addiction.

Bowie, dubbed rock's chameleon for the way he changed both musical and fashion styles, had soon moved on to heroin.

By 1976 his addiction had taking its toll on his looks - and his skeletal appearance earned him the nickname the Thin White Duke.

Around this time he told an interviewer: "I suppose I've been knocking on heaven's door for about 11 years now."


Now doctors say he may never tour again. (source...)

[I would say he was knocking on Hell's door, not on Heaven's door. Gal.6:7: "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Follow men like David Bowie at your own peril.]


May 21, 2004 -- IF you were shocked by Madonna's lesbian lip-lock with Britney Spears during the MTV awards, don't go within spitting distance of her Madison Square Garden dates next month.

Madonna - who opens the tour on Monday in L.A. - doesn't skip a beat in making sure the $1 million-plus production is her most outrageous yet, complete with an electric chair, nearly nude pregnant women and plenty of lesbian love, according to reports out of London yesterday.

The show reportedly opens with a frisky Madonna simulating sex with a female tango dancer - which is quaint compared with other segments of the "Re-Invention" show.

When she sings "Papa Don't Preach," she'll be backed by a chorus line of scantily clad, heavily pregnant babes.

That ought to provide comic relief from the setup for "American Life," when the audience gets to hear the sounds of bombs dropping and watch a video montage of troops battling in Iraq.

A video of sickly, starving children will reportedly unspool while Madonna delivers her cover of the John Lennon classic "Imagine."

But the kicker to the provocative production promises to be the sizzling finale.

After she wraps her rendition of "Lament," the lights will go down and, following a flash-storm of fireworks, Madonna will reappear strapped into an electric chair and writhing to escape, according to reports.

She rises from the dead and sings her sentimental, Kabbalah-inspired lullaby, "Bedtime Story." (source...)

[It is not just the words that are wrong about rock music, but the music itself, which is senxual and devilish. There is no such thing as "Christian" rock music, just like there can be no such thing as Christian fornication, or Christian rape, or Christian sodomy.]

Love makes a boob of herself; 20mar04

COURTNEY Love has left a trail of controversy in New York by baring her breasts on the David Letterman show and then getting arrested after hitting a fan in the head with a microphone stand during a late-night performance at a Manhattan nightclub. (source...)

[This behavior is exactly what is expected from rock singers. They compete with each other to see who dares push moral boundries the most. Their fans are also on the side of those in rebellion against God.]

Jackson's Presence to Be Felt at Grammys; Fri Feb 6, 4:16 PM ET; By CHRISTY LEMIRE, AP Entertainment Writer

Jackson's halftime partner, Justin Timberlake (news) --- who tore off the piece of clothing that exposed her right breast --- will be there, however. He's up for five Grammys, including album of the year, and is scheduled to perform.

But many expect that Jackson's absence will be felt more than her presence would have been, and that her stunt will overshadow the awards themselves. (Fellow R&B acts Beyonce Knowles (news) and Pharrell Williams, and rap stars Jay-Z and OutKast, lead the nominations with six each.)

"All night it will remind Grammy viewers, who are an antiestablishment lot, that this is not really their party," said Tom O'Neil, author of "The Grammys" who runs the awards handicapping Web site

"When the Grammys are at their hippest and best, they reward artists for daring to be social rebels. Now it's outrageous for the Grammys to punish Janet Jackson for performing that same role on someone else's stage. ... This just proves that the Grammys are really still the Grannies."

Spokesmen for the awards ceremony and for the Recording Academy didn't return phone calls seeking comment Friday.

Blender magazine Editor Craig Marks pointed out that the Grammy ceremony is a conservative affair under normal circumstances. Now, CBS is instituting a five-minute delay to allow enough time to edit out any potentially offensive moments during the show at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

"I would imagine that this would be the most staid, surprise-free, least-lewd Grammys of all time," Marks said by phone Friday from Los Angeles. "The Grammy producers, the network, the labels, the managers and the artists, too, probably realize that some kind of extra crotch grab or cuss word would not be beneficial to their careers."

[What a clear admission from the Rock music industry itself that Rock musicians are a crude, lewd, foul-mouthed, offensive group of people!]

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