Is this a blessing or a curse?
by Louis A. Turk, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D.
“There shall not be male or female barren among you” (Deut. 7:14).
This age of birth control and abortions is extremely painful to a small minority of couples who fervently yearn to bear children, but for whatever reason are unable to do so Many of these couples would gladly pay thousands of dollars to adopt a child, but sadly there are no children to adopt due to the fact that most children who would in times past have been put up for adoptions are now murdered by abortion.  This article is written with the desire to help some of these barren couples bear children at last.  This article is also written to help all Christians who want to have their marriage bed in submission to God know how to do so.

Does God Guarantee Fertility?

Yes and no.  The promises in the Bible concerning fertility are not without stipulations.  If we faithfully abide by God’s conditions from the days of our youth, then God keeps his promises.  Otherwise, God is not obligated to do so.  So, if you are already 50 years old, and have broken God’s commandments concerning fertility all your life, then it just might be too late for you even if you repent.  God will always forgive if you repent, of course, but that does not mean God will give you a child.  However, it is certainly true that the sooner you repent of your disobedience, and begin to honor God by obeying Him in your sex life, the greater the chances are that you will be blessed with children.  Nothing is impossible with God.

Our Personal Testimony

It may be an encouragement to the reader to know that my wife, Cheryle, and I have obeyed the Bible commands concerning sex in our marriage, and God has blessed us with eight boys and four girls so far.  God’s way has certainly worked for us.  There is nothing special about us, except that we both wanted to obey the first commandment God gave to man (Gen. 1:27-28), and we both read our Bibles and faithfully obeyed all the commands concerning sex within marriage.  In addition to being blessed with children, we can also testify to the fact that practicing sex God’s way has brought us huge bonuses.  For instance, judging from what our friends tell us, and from what we have learned from the marriage counseling we have done, we have enjoyed much more intense pleasure from our intimate relationship than have our birth control practicing peers.  Birth control methods are not natural, and natural feels best.  Birth control is not convenient, and destroys spontaneous affection.  We have had much more fun.  Furthermore, we have enjoyed that intense pleasure much more often than they have enjoyed their decreased pleasure.  During pregnancy, menstrual cycles cease, and so does the need for abstinence during the first (unclean) half of the menstrual cycle.  And, speaking of cleanliness, God’s way is much cleaner, and therefore more pleasant.  Moreover, our sex life has been down right exciting—will this night result in a child being born?  Will God answer our prayer for conception tonight?  In spite of what the atheist, humanist group says, children are a blessing, just as God has said.  Children love their parents, and give life to a home.  Also, Cheryle has experienced far fewer female health problems than have her birth control practicing peers.  Many birth control techniques such as the pill and I.U.D.’s cause a long list of serious heath problems, including cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, varicose veins, decreased sexual desire, etc., all of which Cheryle has avoided.  All of these blessings have made our marriage much stronger and happier than it would have been.  Knowing that Cheryle loves me enough to want to see me reproduced is a great feeling.  She is one of the very greatest people I have ever known, and it is my privilege to also see her spiritual character and physical beauty reproduced in my children.
Having 12 children—all from one wife—I believe I speak with considerable authority concerning the subject of fertility.  I do know what I am talking about.

Bible Principles Which Increase Fertility and/or Prevent Barrenness

All aspects of life are intertwined.  It is therefore important to read your Bible systematicly and faithfully every day, and to submit to its every command.  Even the commands that seem to be insignificant can have a dramatic impact on seemingly unrelated aspects of your life. The more perfectly we keep God’s laws, the more healthy we will be, and thus the more likely we are to be fertile. Sins such as fornication and sodomy often result in venereal diseases which may leave scars in the sex organs, thus causing barrenness.  The following principles are not, therefore, to be considered the only things that influence fertility.  No doubt there are other things I have overlooked; so study your Bible carefully.  The following principles are, however, the major ones.

Sleep Together

A marriage ceremony does not produce babies.  Nor does kissing.  Nor does hugging.  Nor does foreplay.  Nor does even coitus (the sex act itself) if any form of birth control is used.  Some couples are really not honest with themselves in this regard.  They complain about being barren, while at the same time doing everything they can to prevent conception.  While it is not the purpose of this article to discuss birth control, let it be said very clearly that sexless marriages are a sin against God (1 Cor. 7:1-5), and so is every other form of birth control (Gen. 38:7-10; Lev. 15:9-33 and 20:13 and 18; Ex. 21:22-25; Lev. 18:22-25).  God does not ask married couples to have children, He commands it in the very first commandment given in the Bible: This commandment is repeated in Gen. 9:1-7; 35:10-12 and 1 Tim. 5:14.  Never is there even a hint in the Bible that the first commandment is repealed.  So throw out your condoms, diaphragms, birth control pills, etc., and get your sex life into submission to God.

Be Clean and Practice Self-control

While the saying “Cleanliness is Godliness” is not found in the Bible, that principle most certainly is found over and over again.  God wants his people to be clean.  Closely connected to cleanliness, when discussing fertility, is self-control.  While sexless marriages are forbidden in 1 Cor. 7:1-5, this does not mean that married couples are allowed to have sex just anytime they want.  In fact, sex is emphaticly forbidden during a certain period of the menstrual cycle which the Bible declares to be a period of uncleanness. Since the above verses contain the most important keys to fertility, it is important that we examine them closely.

No Sex Is Allowed During the Issue of Blood

For this article, we will consider that the first day of the menstrual cycle begins when the wife begins to bleed.  This is an extremely unclean time for a couple to have sex, and the Bible therefore forbids it.  It is impossible to conceive a baby during this time.  It is not important to  count how many days bleeding lasts; just refrain from having sex during this time.

No Sex Is Allowed For Eight Days After the Issue of Blood Stops

Start counting the days the day AFTER bleeding stops.  For exactly eight (8) more days the wife is still unclean and therefore sex is forbidden.

If you know anything about the rhythm method of birth control, you realize immediately that it is in violation of these Bible verses, and therefore is a wicked practice.

There is a very practical purpose for this abstinence during a wife’s uncleanness: it gives time for the husband’s sperm to multiply.  Modern scientific research has shown that the higher the sperm count the greater the chances of conception (Landrum B. Shettles and David M. Rorvik, How To Choose the Sex of Your Baby: a complete update on the method best supported by the scientific evidence, [Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1984], 54-56.

[All the Ibid.’s in this article refer to the above book by Dr. Landrum B. Shettles.  Dr. Shettles is a pioneer expert in fertility and sex selection, having served as director of the New York Fetility Research Foundation.  He is a graduate of John Hopkins University, and was an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecoloy at Columbia University’s College of Physician and Surgeons, and was an attending physician at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center.  While his book confirms the scientific accuracy of the Bible, it also recommends several practices that violate Bible commands.  Most likely he is not aware of this; he makes no pretense of being a Bible scholar.  It may surprise you to know that only since 1960 has science known the secrets of fertility (Ibid.,50).  Yet, these secrets were written in the word of God thousands of years ago, as the article you are now reading reveals.  Science did not even know that seminal fluid contains sperm (meaning seed) until the 17th century.  “And even then no one knew for sure what they were or what they did” (Ibid., 39).  Again, this is common Bible knowledge (For example read Gen. 11:11 and 38:8-9).  How did the author of the Bible know these secrets so long ago?  He is the God who designed and created sex.]

Begin Having Sex the Night of the Eighth Day

This is an extremely important point.  Sex during the night of the eighth day after bleeding stops is the most apt to result in conception of a child Sex is allowed from this night up until bleeding begins the next menstrual cycle.  However, each day after this eighth day the likelihood of conception diminishes.  The reason for this is that the unfertilized ovum (egg) only lives for about 24-36 hours.  Ovulation generally takes place on the ninth day after bleeding stops.  Sex during the night of the eighth day gives the sperm the approximately 12 hours it needs to travel up into the upper region of the Fallopian tube to met the descending ovum.  This is perfect timing (Ibid., 110-115).

After Sexual Intercourse Refrain From Sex Until the Next Evening

At this point, some couples may try to have sex as many times as the husband is physically capable during the next 24 hours, trying to assure that the ovum is fertilized.  This is a big mistake, as it results in lower sperm count ejaculations which are far less likely to result in conception.  It is also not a good idea for cleanliness reasons.  God commands couples to wait until the following evening. The importance of cleanliness and self-control as specified for both the husband and wife in Leviticus chapter 15 as discussed above cannot be stressed too much, as proper observance of these two commands regulates the build up of sperm and proper timing of coitus necessary for maximum possibility of conception.

Bathe In Running Water

So far we have discussed being clean in the sense of refraining from sex during the unclean period of the menstrual cycle.  However, it is also important to know how to take a bath, and to be sure to take one before copulation.  If for no other reason, this is important so as to prevent ones mate from smelling obnoxious body odors that would make copulation unpleasant and therefore rarely performed.  To really get clean, one must bathe in “running water.” An ordinary tub bath does not get one clean enough.  Dirt and even feces from the body get into the bath water and some of it will remain on the body.  This could easily enter the vagina during intercourse, and cause disease.  For this reason, a shower is much better than a bath.  If your bathroom does not have a shower, you should stand up and rinse off—all over, but especially in your private areas—thoroughly with clean water running directly from the faucet using a bucket or dipper of some kind.
Note that the above verse also instructs that clothing be washed.  After a bath one should dry off with a clean towel and put on clean night clothes.  Sex should be a holy act, and one should approach it squeaky clean.  It also, makes things more pleasant to put on some cologne or perfume (Song of Solomon 1:3 and 12-13).

Love Each Other

It is important that the husband love his wife enough to learn how to bring her to orgasm before he ejaculates.  The reason for this is that orgasm causes the wife’s cervical secretions to flow and therefore produces a thinner, more alkaline fluid for the sperm to swim in while searching to enter the cervix.  The thinner fluid makes it easier for the sperm to get where they have to go.  The increased alkalinity makes it more likely that the sperm will survive in the otherwise acid conditions of the vagina.
A man is bruitish indeed if he selfishly satisfies his own needs without first satisfying his wife’s.  Husband, ask your wife what feels good to her, and then do it.  Wife, you are married now; you can and must discuss this adult subject with your husband.  If you have never done so, sit down together and read the Song of Solomon.  Try to determine when Solomon was speaking and when his wife was speaking.  Then, husband, you read Solomon’s words to your wife.  And you, wife, read Solomon’s wife’s words to your husband.  Relax and enjoy what God intended to be enjoyable.
Specific techniques for achieving orgasm are outside the scope of this article.  For now, let it just be said that modern scientific research has proven that virtually any wife can experience orgasm.  Keep trying until you learn how.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs, Etc.

The Bible very clearly forbids the use of alcohol and drugs.  While a through discussing of this topic is also outside the scope of this article, it needs to be stated that modern scientific research has proven that these dangerous chemicals decrease fertility.  Dr. Shettles says: Dr. Shettles also says that even long-term, heavy use of coffee can reduce fertility by lowering sperm count (Ibid., 118).  Heavy use of other drinks containing caffeine, such as colas, etc., would also probably be detrimental to fertility.

Radioactivity also adversely affects fertility.  And, of course, we should never allow our reproductive organs to be x-rayed.

Husbands Should Avoid Prolonged Exposure To Excessive Heat

Modern scientific research proves that the temperature of the testicles must be maintained at one degree centigrade below normal body temperature in order to efficiently produce sperm.  Dr. John Rock reports that Working in excessively hot job environments such as near furnaces, in trucks with heaters that are too hot can also adversely affect fertility.  So can prolonged, excessively hot bathes, etc.

Coping With a Tipped Uterus

It used to be that women were operated on to correct a tipped uterus.  Dr. Shettles reports that today such operations are rare.  A tipped uterus is of “little or no clinical significance” (Ibid., 142).  However, a woman with a tipped uterus may aid conception by laying on her stomach with a pillow under her thighs for at least 15 minutes immediately after coitus (Ibid., 142).

Bonuses From Doing Things God’s Way

The are several distinct advantages to obeying God in this matter of sex.  That sex is cleaner, and therefore healthier, done God’s way has already been discussed.  So has the fact that it is most likely to result in conception.  Not yet discussed are two other important bonuses.

Improved Chance of Having a Healthy Baby

By decreasing the time between coitus and conception, less stress is put on the ovum and sperm, and therefore conception is most likely to take place with both ovum and sperm in strong, vigorous condition.  This increases the chance of conceiving a strong, healthy baby.

Improved Chance of Having a Boy

It is absolutely essential that more boys be conceived than girls because of a simple fact of life: at every stage of life males are most likely to die than females. In one study doing sex God’s way resulted in approximately 130 boys born to every 100 females (Ibid., 79).  In the hard facts of life as fallen creatures on a sin-cursed earth, this translates out to about one male for each female at the age of sexual maturity.
When babies are conceived in spite of birth control methods—especially the Rhythm Method—they tend to be mostly female, and not as healthy as the babies conceived God’s way (124-132).  Consider the long-term effects of this on society.  There will of necessity be many lonely old maids, and not by their own choice.  This even further decreases the population because these women will have no husbands to give them conception.  The sexual rebellion of their parent’s generation will have doomed them to such a sad plight.  God forbid that such a situation develop in our churches!

Concerning sex selection, it is needful to warn that it is immoral to violate Bible commands in order to select the sex of a child.  We should simply obey the Bible, and be happy and satisfied with whatever sex God chooses to give our children.

Sex Is An Act of Worship

We read in Leviticus chapter 15 that on the eighth day, before having sexual intercourse that night, the wife was to take two turtle doves or two young pigeons to the temple to be offered up one as a sin offering and the other as a burnt offering to God to make an atonement for her before the Lord for the issue of her uncleanness.  In this way she admitted her sinfulness and unworthiness of being blessed of God with a child, but in addition she symbolized her faith in the coming Messiah whose blood washes away all the sins of those who believe in Him and makes them pure in God’s eyes.  After this she would return home to disrobe and joyously enter into the holy marriage union without fear, without guilt, and without shame, just as Eve did before sin ruined the Garden of Eden (Gen. 2:24-25).

The Lord Jesus Christ has already died on the cross for our sins, therefore we no longer have to bring those blood sacrifices which could only symbolicly (not really) take away sins (Heb. 10:4).  Still, sex remains the most joyful to those who have been washed from their sins in the blood of Jesus Christ, and therefore have forgivenness and the peace that only comes to thoses who know for sure that they will go to Heaven when they die.  Sex performed God’s way by God’s people is an act of worship.  And through obedience to God in this most basic of all worship ceremonies—cooperating with God in the procreation of the human race—we show God that we love Him enough to want to see His image reproduced in children (Gen. 1:27).  By submitting ourselves to the conception of children, we also show our faith in God, that He will never command us to do something without also making it possible for us to do what He commanded (Heb. 11:6).  Furthermore, by obeying God’s first commandment we accept the heritage and reward God in love wants to bless us with, instead of trying to prevent receiving that heritage and reward as though it were a curse God is hatefully forcing upon us (Ps. 127:3).  People who put off bearing children until having established a career (or for whatever reason) often learn the hard way that “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it” (Ps. 127.1).  Only God can grant the miracle of conception.  So pray before sleeping together, for without God’s favor all your efforts will be in vain.

How many children should we have?  We should diligently follow God’s plan.  He decides how many or few to give us.  We must trust God’s wisdom in this matter, knowing that He loves us and always gives us what is best for us.  If you are obeying God in all aspects of this matter yet have not conceived, do not feel guilty for you are not guilty.  Relax and enjoy your life as it now is.  Wait patiently on the Lord.  Trust fully in God’s timing.  It just may be that he has a John the Baptist planned for you (Read Luke chapter one).  On the other hand, if you have not been obeying God’s commands you should feel guilty for you are guilty.  In that case, repent that God my grant you forgiveness.

What we do in our bedrooms is a very personal act, but it has very public consequences.  Our children will become the pastors, deacons, missionaries, and soul-winners needed to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the millions of lost souls on this earth only if our children are conceived and then lovingly trained for Christ.  A child who “should have been but is not” will never attend church, will never tithe, will never pray, will never sing praises to God, will never love God, will never lead a soul to Christ.  Millions of lost souls in the next generation are dependent upon our children to tell them how to escape Hell.  If we refuse to conceive and train the children with which God wants to bless us, the blood of those they would have won to Christ will be on our hands.

I pray for you the blessing with which Rebekah’s family blessed her:

Be sure to also read "Ye Must Be Born Again."

(C) Copyright 1994 by Louis A. Turk. All rights reserved. You may  reprint this article, provided you do not edit it in any way without the author's consent, and provided this paragraph is printed at the end of the article.  Other publication requires advance permission of the author.

Louis A. Turk, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D.


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Louis A. Turk, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D.


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