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by Louis A. Turk, Ph.D.

Things Playboy magazine hides from you about the joy of sex, the origin of sex, the purpose of sex, sad sex, perverted sex, sexual bondage, sexual fraud, selling sex in prostitution, sex without marriage, sex by force (rape) , free sex (fornication), sexy photography (pornography), sexy clothes, nudity, same sex marriages (homosexuality, lesbianism, and sodomy), transvestites, sex in marriage, and dishonest sex (adultery).   Read on and learn facts even your sex-education teacher in public school is not allowed to tell you!

The Joy of Sex
The best sex---truly joyful sex which satisfies the soul and spirit as well as the body---is found only within the bounds of marriage. It is described in the Song of Solomon as follows: Such ravishing, joyful sex---without guilt, without shame, and without fear---is a by-product of the Christian home. But premarital and extramarital pleasure seekers are left with guilt, shame, fear, and a bad taste their mouths---and with a dreadful sense of loss.
The Origin of Sex and Marriage
The purpose of sex is to bring glory to God by multiplying the human race which God created in His own image. It is God's plan that a man and his wife reproduce the image of God by having children. Children are a blessing; they are a reward from God. They bring happiness and fulfillment to a home. The birth of children should not be prevented, but rather should be planned for with great anticipation and joy. How happy in old age is the couple which has believed God in this matter, and has raised many children for God's glory and honor. They will not have to face old age alone, dependent upon the state, a burden to society, unloved and rejected, as so many people do which have practiced birth-control. People pay a bitter price in the end for being so selfish and materialistic in their youth that they refuse to share their life and resources with children. But how blessed are those who have many godly, loving children and grandchildren who love and care deeply about their welfare! People reap what they sow.
What You Have Learned About Sex So Far

Human sexuality is the creation and plan of God to multiply the human race. Sex as God planned it was and is "very good" (Gen 1.31). God, Himself, preformed the first wedding ceremony. The first home consisted of one man married to one woman , living with each other and obeying God's command to have sex in order to have children, thus multiplying the human race. They were to train their children to love and obey God. Since sex within marriage is righteous not sinful, the husband and his wife were not ashamed though naked before each other. God commanded that when a young man marries a young woman, he is to leave his parents, and set up a separate household. Such is the ideal home. In such a home sex is just naturally "very good."

What Makes Sex Sad

When God first created sex and the home there was no sin. Adam and Eve always agreed about everything. Since they both were in perfect harmony with God, they never argued or blamed each other for things going wrong. Indeed nothing ever did go wrong. Everything was very good. The Garden of Eden where they lived was truly a paradise. But sin---transgression of God's law---ruined all that for them and for us. Sin corrupted human nature, so that husband and wife became selfish and no longer loved each other perfectly as before. Evil desires replaced righteous desires. Guilt and shame brought anxiety and blame casting into their home. Adam and Eve now often disagreed and argued. The spiritual joy of sex was replaced by confusion. Sin is what makes sex sad. To this very day everyone on earth suffers from a sin problem. But, as will be shown later in this pamphlet, God can wash away sin so as to make sex glad again!

Sexual Perversion and Bondage

Sex as God intended it is holy, beautiful, and both physically and spiritually satisfying. Sex only becomes dirty, ugly and both physically and spiritually frustrating when perverted and abused. Unfortunately, one of the tendencies of fallen human nature is toward sexual perversion. Perversion means deviating from what is right, good, true or normal. Pervert means to turn to an improper use; to misuse. God did not create man with a fallen nature. But by disobeying God, Adam fell into sin, and his nature degenerated into depravity. Depravity means altered, prone to enter into bad habits. All of Adam's descendants receive from him a depraved nature, inclined to do evil. "For by one man's disobedience many were made sinners" (Rom 5.19). People are not sinners because they sin, rather they sin because they are sinners. All of Adam's descendants, therefore, must resist inherited tendencies to pervert sex, lest such tendencies quickly become addictions, enslaving them in the vilest practices. "Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves to obey, his servant ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?" (Rom 6.16). True freedom does not abuse one's self or others, but sexual perversion always abuses. Sexual perversion is not liberty, nor is it love; it is licentiousness and lust; it is selfishness and hatred. Later we will discuss how to have liberty from a depraved nature. First, however, some common forms of sexual perversion are discussed below. The penalty God says civil government should execute upon offenders is also shown in some cases. It must be stressed that religious groups or individuals do not have authority to execute these penalties---only civil governments have that authority. However, when a society elects a form of civil government which by design will not protect good people from being exploited by sex perverts, that society will soon fall; the land will vomit that society out.


One of the most common forms of sexual perversion is divorce---a dishonest and hateful breaking of one's marriage vow. When it comes to marriage, quitters never win, and winners never quit. For the sake of both mates and for the sake of their children, God intends for the sexual relationship called marriage to last until one of the mates dies. A widow or widower is free to remarry; but God hates divorce.

If a person has already divorced and remarried, he or she is not allowed to divorce his or her present mate, or to return to the former mate. The Pharisees wrongly used this verse to justify divorce. Jesus, however, was quick to let them know that Old Testament law allowed divorce only because of the hardness of the human heart---divorce was not God's will. In cases of fornication, separation may be necessary to avoid sexually transmitted disease. But every effort possible should be made to avoid divorce. In other cases, the initiator of divorce, should repent of it publicly, and to his/her mate and children. If neither mate has remarried, they should reconcile. If one has remarried, confession that divorcement is wrong should be made to the new mate also, so that the new mate will not fear that he or she too will be divorced should problems arise, as they do in any marriage.
Sexual Fraud

Another form of sexual perversion is defraudation. Defraudation is the act of depriving someone of rights or property, etc. by deception or fraud; to cheat. Marriage is a legal relationship in which a person gives to another person of the opposite sex one's own body for sexual privileges. Having sex outside the marriage relationship is sin, but refraining from sex within the marriage relationship is also sin. To deny one's lawfully wedded mate legitimate sexual privileges is defraudation, and makes a mockery of marriage. Sadly, many modern women (and some men also) have been deceived by certain Satanic movements which teach that even within marriage sex is rape. Such a teaching is ungodly and untrue, as the following Bible passage shows.

In other words, it is good to remain single and refrain totally from sex if one can, so as to devote one's self totally to serving God. But if one has strong sexual needs it is better to get married than to risk falling into fornication or some other sexual perversion. Sex outside the bonds of marriage is forbidden, so a person not wanting a sexual relationship should remain unmarried. But sex is necessary and required within marriage. God does authorize a few reasons for sexual abstinence in marriage: (1) abstinence during menstruation and for a specified time afterward is commanded (see Lev 15.19-33 for details); (2) abstinence for a specified time after child birth is commanded (read Lev chapter 12 for specific instructions); and (3) abstinence for a short time is allowed (not commanded) for a time of prayer and fasting. Few (if any) other periods of abstinence are allowed. If one refuses sexual privileges to his or her mate, he or she leaves the door open for Satan to tempt that mate to find release from sexual tension through an extramarital partner. How much better for married couples to simply obey God and enjoy the mutual pleasures God intends for them to have together!
Prostitition, Fornication and Adultery

Premarital sex, extramarital sex, affairs, promiscuousness, etc., are all modern terms for the sexual perversions the Bible calls fornication and adultery. Fornication being the physical act of sex outside of marriage, and adultery being fornication in which the marriage vow is also broken. Adultery marks a person as dishonest as well as immoral. Sex within marriage is holy, good and honest; but sex outside of marriage is dirty, evil and dishonest. A prostitute, a whore, or harlot, is a woman who will sell her sexual services for any price other than marriage.

Job called fornication and adultery a heinous crime: The Proverbs say that a young man who allows himself to indulge in extramarital sex lacks understanding and is a simpleton. If a young couple fornicate, God commands they marry with no hope of ever divorcing. The only exception to this is if the girl's father forbids the marriage.

The word pornography is a combination of two Greek words: "porno" which means fornication, and "graphe" which means writing, meaning writing about fornication. As used today pornography means pictures or writings intended to arouse sexual desire.

As far as God is concerned, what a person sees and desires to do in his heart he has as good as done.

Rape is to have sex with someone forcibly and without that person's consent. In fornication both partners to the act want it, so both partners should pay the penalty. In rape, however, an evil act is forced upon an unconsenting, innocent person. It is important to be certain that the rapist is punished and that his innocent victim is protected.


A transvestite is a person who derives sexual pleasure by dressing in the clothes of the opposite sex. This practice is strongly condemned and forbidden in the Bible.

Sodomy, according to Webster's Dictionary, "is any sexual intercourse held to be abnormal, as bestiality; specif., anal intercourse between two male persons." Sodomy gets its name from an ancient city in the Middle East which was named Sodom. This evil city, along with another city named Gomorrah, was inhabited by homosexuals. God said, "Their sin is very grievous" (Gen 18.20). "Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven; and he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground" (Gen 19.24-25). Their destruction was a warning to us today that God hates the so-called gay lifestyle.
AIDS and Other STD
Sexy Clothing

Why wear clothes? After Adam and Eve sinned "they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons" (Gen 3.7). Realizing that sin had corrupted human nature, they knew they needed to wear clothes for their own protection. Nevertheless, their now corrupted natures made them desire to be attractive sensually, so they made aprons, covering only their private parts. That they knew their aprons did not adequately cover their nakedness is obvious from the fact that they "hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God" (Gen 3.8). Immodest clothing still causes multitudes to hid from God. But the fact that virtually no one goes totally nude publicly testifies to the fact that the conscience of man informs him that God is, and that therefore there are absolute rights and absolute wrongs. The idea that there are no absolutes is illogical and stupid; for if there are no absolutes, then it must not be absolutely true that there are no absolutes; therefore it must be absolutely true that there are absolutes.

God was not pleased with Adam's and Eve's sexy clothing. "Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them" (Gen 3.21). In order to make coats of skins, innocent animals had to die, their shed blood typifying the blood of the coming Savior who would die for our sins on the cross of Calvary, the just suffering death for the unjust, that He might reconcile us to God.

Sexual Freedom

People who are in bondage to sexual perversions can be set free by faith in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have committed sexual sins, be assured that you can be saved from them, provided you come to God on His conditions, which are "repentance toward God, and faith toward the Lord Jesus Christ" (Acts 20.21). No matter how vile your sins, Jesus Christ can wash them away with His precious blood. Many members of the church of Corinth had formerly been sex offenders. But the blood of Jesus had washed them clean, and made them new creatures in Christ. By being born again they were given new natures, and were no longer the whores, whoremongers, fornicators, adulterers, transvestites, homosexuals, etc. that they formerly were.

The so called liberation from morality which is so zealously promoted by atheistic Humanism today has enslaved multitudes of people to evil addictions. Are you one of the enslaved? Do you hunger for freedom? To learn more about how Jesus Christ can deliver you from the bondage of sexual addictions, read "Ye Must Be Born Again."

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