The Wonderful Gift

by Cheryle Gayle Muncy Turk
1st written January 27, 1960
last two lines added May 15, 2004

Though words cannot express
The tender feeling and happiness
I receive from your priceless gift
I want to try anyway
To thank you everyday
For the gift you give always.

The gift you give is so precious and beautiful
The pen cannot write
The tongue cannot tell
The mind cannot comprehend
But only the heart can feel.

Your gift is higher than the highest mountain
Deeper than the deepest canyon
Wider than the widest sea
And too precious to give to me.

It is too valuable for a thousand kings to buy
Too simple for a child to sell
Too large to hide away
And too small for the eye alone to see

Sweeter than honey and purer than gold
Newer than new and older than old
Brighter than bright and truer than true
Your gift will last the ages through

From everlasting to everlasting your gift never ceases
From youngest to oldest your gift eternal reaches
From yesterday to today till tomorrow
Your gift cheers the saddest sorrow.

It is the key that opens all doors
It is the miracle that heals all sores
Of all manís beautiful words and deeds
Your gift above them all far exceeds

It is your gift that sent your Son
To this earth to be made fun
Your gift alone can save us all
From Eveís deceit and Adamís fall.

Thank you Lord from up above
For your wondrous gift of Love
The Lamb of God made sacrifice
His name of course is Jesus Christ.