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Website Issues

The main purpose of this web site is to help people find eternal salvation. In so doing false doctrines must be exposed. Also, sinners will not realize their need of the Savior unless they realize how wrong and wicked their sins are. Jesus will eternally save all who come to Him in faith, believing in the true gospel as taught in the Bible. It is our desire to present this glorious gospel in as attractive manner as possible. So if you notice any problems with this web site, please let us know so that we may correct them. My email address is:

Spelling or Grammar Errors, Typos, Etc.

If you find any spelling or grammar errors, typos, ect., on any of the pages of this website, please send me an email message to let me know.

If You Find Broken Links

Links to the source of articles may not work due to the article being removed or archived by the online newspaper or magazine where it was published. Such links will not be changed on my web site however as they are where I actually read the article. To obtain a copy of the original article, contact the newspaper or magazine itself.

However, please report broken links that are not for the source of quotes. For example, please report broken links to other web sites

The Content of Other Web Sites

EternalSecurity.Com makes no representations whatsoever about any other web sites which you may access from the EternalSalvation.Org Web Site. When you access a non-EternalSalvation.Org web site, please understand that it is independent from EternalSalvation.Org and that EternalSalvation.Org has no control over the content on that web site. A link to a non-EternalSalvation.Org web site does not mean that EternalSalvation.Org endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content or use of such web site.


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Eternal life is not temporary life!

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